Updated (Already!) Predictions

I’d say it was a successful Thanksgiving weekend. In between  good helpings of turkey and football, I was able to catch some good movies on TV. After years of neglect, I turned to TCM and caught Gone with the Wind (which I haven’t seen since 8th grade – It was much better this time around) and Little Women (the 1940s version). However, I was pissed that I missed my chance to see North by Northwest for the first time, but I digress.

Also over the weekend, a small group of critics and moviegoers were treated to an early Christmas gift: the first screenings of Les Misérables and Zero Dark Thirty. And the early buzz on these films means we now have new front-runners in three of our Oscar races. So now it’s time for me to update my predictions! First: Best Picture. I feel like I just did this…

Hugh Jackman and Natalya Angel Wallace in Les Miserables

Due to universal acclaim (pun intended), Les Misérables is now the front-runner for best picture. It received a standing ovation after it’s first showing – always a good sign. Most of the audience may have been theatre goers, but it’s still pretty awesome. Lincoln maintained a strong box office against Twilight and Skyfall over the holiday weekend, so it’s chances are still really good. Zero Dark Thirty made the biggest move in my predictions (from 8 to 3) because of it’s overwhelmingly good reviews. Life of Pi opened strong, most likely foreshadowing a good Oscar run. Argo has lost some steam, but not enough to fall out of the top five. Silver Linings Playbook opened weakly in limited release this weekend, therefore the buzz won’t be as strong as many had hoped. Since no one is really talking about Flight anymore, it’s fallen to 10 in my predictions. Don’t be surprised if it falls out completely once Django Unchained screens.

Anne Hathaway has all but secured a supporting actress win for Les Mis. With the lengths she went to portray Fantine (the weight loss, the in-take haircut) and the fact that “I Dreamed a Dream” is being hailed as the best part of the movie, I see nothing but Oscar gold in her future. Jessica Chastain rises to front-runner with Zero. However, Jennifer Lawrence is still very much in the running, even with the under-performance of Playbook.

Kathryn Bigelow on set of The Hurt Locker

Kathryn Bigelow is now officially in the Best Director race for Zero, but Les Mis‘s Tom Hooper is the current front-runner. Ben Affleck has dropped to fourth in the list, but I’m still sure he’s a lock.

I’ve created a new page where I will keep all my predictions up to date. Also, be on the look out for my Animated Feature predictions, as I’ll have those up soon.

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